Who is Rasyomed?

Together with the “Intensive Care Decision Support System” (ICDS) developed within Rasyomed; we are introducing a completely domestic process automation, which is increasingly used in the global healthcare sector, domestic and has no other example in Turkey. Owing to this solution, all processes within the intensive care unit will be transformed into a structure that can be followed instantly in digital environment, reports of which can be created and you can have quick interventions.

What is Intensive Care Decision Support System Used for?

It ensures that all flows made during the day within the Intensive Care Service are carried out in digital environment.

Who Can Use Intensive Care Decision Support System?

It can be used in all hospitals with intensive care unit. It provides a great convenience especially in terms of monitoring and management of intensive care services with high number of beds.

Have you created the Intensive Care Decision Support System with your own software team?

Our software is developed in Turkey by our team of Turkish engineers, and fully Turkey welded.

Do you provide integration with different applications?

Full integration can be achieved with the Hospital Information Management System (HIS). In this way, the patient record created in a different unit can be transferred to the intensive care unit automatically, and all the records formed during the intensive care unit are sent to HIS instantly.

How are the purchasing processes?

According to the structure and needs of the hospital, purchases can be made with the options as cash, term payment and rental options. Can Enterprise-Specific Improvements be made in Software?

How do I get technical support if needed?

Our technical support team at Rasyomed headquarters provides support for all your questions and requests from a single point. You can contact us at working hours via the phone number 00 90 850 302 8787

Where will my information go if I stop using it?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all personal data contained in the software is backed up on its own servers. In case of a decision to terminate the use of our system, the licenses will be cancelled and the process will be terminated.

Does the ICU Decision Support System have a Mobile Application?

Our system can be accessed from all devices with internet access via web browser. But our system is not yet available in application markets. It is under construction. Please contact us for details.

Is Training on Software Use provided?

Online trainings are given by our corporate trainers via e-mail address info@rasyomed.com.tr

Can the ICU Decision Support System import old data from the ICU?

Retrospective data in the ICU can be transferred to our system manually

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