What is Intensive Care Decision Support System?

Intensive Care Units have mandatory standards including complex processes and protocols considering the critical situations of patients with the communiqué prepared by the Ministry of Health and published in the Official Gazette dated 20/7/2011, numbered 28000.

“Intensive Care Decision Support System” (ICDS), which we developed with 100% Turkish capital and our own software team; provides an integrated service for updating, monitoring and reporting this information within the hospital combining all patient information, instant health data and treatment processes on a single screen from separate screens for each bed in the intensive care unit.

Our software also provides functions such as transmitting the necessary information, creating tasks, receiving reports and sending alarms to physicians, nurses, hospital management and other related persons who need to be in constant communication.

With our modular solutions, we provide the processes and applications of your intensive care unit in a structure that suits you by completing the necessary integrations in our software in a short time.

With the effective follow-up of the intensive care units in hospitals, we aim to make the appropriate hospital referral system possible for the patients to be taken into intensive unit.

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