Saving Time

Our follow-up system automatically transfers most of the checks required by the nurse in the intensive care unit to the system and processes these on the patient card. With this system, a nurse can save an average of 95 minutes in 12-hour working hours. On average, this period may increase due to the dynamics of hospitals, labour charts, the systems they use and other processes.

In addition, transferring the “Intensive Care Form”, which must be uploaded to the e-system at the end of the day, the time spent on manual entries is saved

Ease of Patient Tracking

When out of the intensive care unit, it is provided that the physician instantly access to patient data and the necessary treatment method (e.g. use of a different dose of a medication) is digitally “ordered“ and transferred to the nurse. Thanks to these and other digitalized process suchlike, the whole flow can be monitored in a healthy way and a strong business follow-up can be carried out.

For example; you can collect all the processes of a patient who is admitted to the health unit from the emergency department, in the intensive unit, pre-operative, post-operative and ward departments in one record. You will have easy access to all information in the process and the patient’s period of stay in hospital on a flow chart. With this solution that ensures data continuity, error will be minimized and healthier data will be provided during transfer between units.

Archives and Stationery Cost Savings

Contribution to the overall budget is made saving all stationery/consumables and archiving expenses used in the Intensive Care Unit. In addition, environmental awareness is supported by reducing paper usage and the transition to a paperless digital hospital model is made.

Minimizing Manual Error

Our software automatically processes the intensive care data to the patient card in order to minimize any personnel-induced errors. With process follow-up and warning mechanisms problems that may occur due to workload are prevented.

Modular Structure

Our software team is able to realize the required improvements in a short time according to the specific processes of the region, hospital or intensive care unit. As it is a product developed by our own software team, the customization area can be expanded.

Our system can be arranged in accordance with your current working method. Pharmaceutical components can be integrated very quickly and easily into your specific system configurations, such as procedure arrangements.

For changes planned to be made for workflow or additional improvements; our flexible system provides fast and low cost integration.

Alarm System (Protocol Based Alerts)

Our monitoring system is able to reflect the sudden changes that may affect the vital status of the patient's vital data (respiration, heartbeat and other) to the system and send automatic notification to the nurse and physician in critical moments with alarm mechanism through the software. In addition to the alarm systems, it transmits every step in the process to the authorities as notification and warning.


Since all changes made in the treatment protocols are recorded with the software, all processes in the intensive care unit can be monitored instantly. In addition, it contributes to intensive care management planning with its detailed reporting capability.

With the ease of data collection, you can define and monitor segment performance indicators by reducing time spent. This allows you to easily comply with regulatory reporting standards.

Research and Analysis

With the RasyoMed patient database, you can easily to collect and organize data to support clinical trials by identifying flexible queries. Infrastructure of our system will allow the creation of the right data source for further research studies on different topics such as clinical trainings, cost analysis and quality measurements.

High Integration Capability

Our system can work seamlessly with all Hospital Information Management Systems (HIS).

It can provide integration with Intensive Care Bedside devices.

  1. •   Monitors
  2. •   Ventilators
  3. •   Blood Gas Machines
  4. •   Dialysis Machines
  5. •   ECG
  6. •   Haemoglobin Counters
  7. •   Infusion Pumps

In addition, API integration can be made with Laboratory, PACS, Pharmacy (Medulla), Archive and billing services.

Standard Medical Protocols and HL7 Messaging Standards are provided.

Decision Support Applications

You can follow the patient instantly with smart notifications about changes in the patient's status. You can define risk intervals for patients who may have immediate sepsis and hyperglycaemia.

You can keep tracking of the system through reminders.

You can increase your financial alternatives with missing billing information and warnings about alternative drug options.

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